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Listened to every one!
I listened to every New Normal podcast so far. The subjects are timely and the production, music etc makes the listening easy. I learn something new every episode. Great stuff. Waiting for more. GalvestonDude

This podcast is like hanging out with friends
During the pandemic, we’re all socially distanced more than we normally are. That distance comes with being isolated sometimes from our friends. However this podcast provides a well thought out and well executed conversation that the listener feels a part of. This is definitely a podcast to subscribe to.

I love this podcast. Like talking things over with extraordinarily thoughtful, insightful friends.great content and perspectives.

I knew it....
I knew that listening to a podcast by Kelley would provide me with information and points-of-view that I personally would not be exposed to in my purview. I am not disappointed...and will continue to look forward to future installments/episodes. The format is very professional and reflects that great effort and thought. Thanks.

Insightful and entertaining podcast!
“A new normal” features a wide range of voices that all offer unique insights into how our society has been structured and which elements of it are worth changing or re-evaluating. The hosts, Kelley, Cindy, and Tanvir each bring different viewpoints to the table, thus allowing for informative discussions that don’t simply cater to one demographic. Good show!


A Resilient Story Teller
In the series trailer, the host, Kelley Lynch, shares that she was a photographer and storyteller before Coronavirus. Like the topic of her first episode, she displays a clear resilience as a storyteller by now producing engaging stories and insights about this new normal not visually but through the spoken word. The conversation is engaging and thought provoking and the co-hosts and outtakes add to the overall authenticity and make it real. Well done!

A great podcast!
I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this show. Kelley, Cindy and Tanvir are helping us all to navigate the unfamiliar terrain we find ourselves in through interesting discussion with a variety of guests. Great content and a truly wonderful set of hosts. Highly recommend!

Amazing perspective!
Very eloquent and thoughtful, yet fun and approachable. Listening to this podcast is like having a conversation with your tenured-professor-turned-editorial-columnist-but-still-humble-and-lovable grandfather.